tonight I’m playing with vocalist patrizia oliva from bologna, see below for details .  .  . .
This Friday will see the relaunch of Staalplaat Working Space. In the last year over a period of seven months sound evenings were set up in the back space of Staalplaat Store.
With the rise of a new Art Space in Berlin, called R-20 it will be possible to continue the activities. The focus will be on surprise and risk, on tapes, on visiting guests, on workshops and on the use of the space itself.
The opening evening will see an unusual duo, formed by cellist Anthea Caddy and avant-garde chansonnière Patrizia Oliva. I have written some words on Patrizia in the entry below. You are free to write some words on them after you have fallen in love. I have seen Anthea play in Frankfurt, so long ago (in 2006); now I finally found a good reason to invite her. Some impressions and memories just don’t wear off.
The other act of the evening is formed by two young friends: BloodyThings/Mornings. They performed at Staalplaat Working Space before. I invite them again, because I am curious to hear which way their collaboration is going. My former description is still valid: witness a performance full of surprises, rapid changes of themes and laid-back iconoclastic moments. The result was light hearted and an ode to friendship and youth. They haven’t grown old in the mean time. And they are still friends.
Friday 24 September, doors 21.00
Patrizia Oliva/Anthea Caddy
R-20 ( entrance down the lane)
Ziegrastrasse 11
12057 Berlin

S+U Bahn Sonnenallee
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